Air Bud

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     A classic. If you haven’t seen it, you should go watch it now. If you have seen it then you will understand what I’m talking about. The basic overview of the movie is a young boy found a lost dog and decides to keep him as his own dog and call him Air Bud, but the mean owner tries to come back and take his dog back even though he doesn’t really care about the dog. There is also some basketball in there.
     One of the scenes that always stuck with me was when Air Bud was being forced to choose between his new loving owner or his old mean owner. It looks like it is going while for the kid and that Air Bud is going to choose him, but *spoiler alert* the mean guy busts out some puddling to lure Air Bud over to him thus claiming that he is the rightful owner. Long story short eventually the kid gets the dog back and everything is sunshine and daisies just like any good Disney movie.
    The point is that my dog could be Air Bud, minus the cool basketball skills. He will do just about anything for a tiny piece of cheese. I have been there every single day of his life, but if you smell like chicken or cheese its basically “mom who?”
     After four years of it being just me and CJ we moved back in with my parents to save up for a house. CJ wasn’t used to having that many people around all the time. He discovered that the grandparents weren’t immune to the puppy dog eyes yet. He now started to spend his time with Grammy and Grampy instead of me.  It kind of sucked at first. It was awkward getting used to not having him under foot all the time. I could be sitting on the couch and call CJ to come to me and he would go to grandpa, I was starting to feel like the mean old owner from Air Bud. I would bribe CJ to pick me.
    Finally, it dawned to me that maybe this wasn’t the worst thing. It met that CJ had a lot of people around that loved him and would take care of him. I didn’t have to worry so much anymore. Sometimes I was the mean owner and sometimes I was the kid that he just loved unconditionally. Sometimes I had to bribe him with chicken and treats, other times he just chose to sit by me. I was and always will be his mama after all. That was the hardest part of moving home, sharing CJ.
     Sharing your best friend is always hard at first. You feel like your losing something. What’s really happening though is your gaining opportunities to make other friends. When CJ was all I had I didn’t push outside of my bubble much. With other people in my corner to care for him I was able to branch out a little bit. Getting back to New Hampshire was hard. It was starting over yet again, but I pushed myself and now I have a lot more than just CJ in my corner. Now I have wonderful friends from Salem to Concord who love me and love CJ just as much as I do.
    The point is your dog will always be your best friend. He wont care what you smell or look like. He will always come back to you. Yes, most of us prefer dogs over people but its just as important to have a lot of people in your corner. Especially because dogs on average are only around for ten years. People, good people, stick around for a lot longer and we need them too. So, bribe your dog if you must but remember you don’t have to. Air Bud knew who was his person and your dog does too. Your dog will also thank you for having more people in his life because that just means more opportunities for treats.

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