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It’s what dogs do. But for some reason we as humans really hate it. I want to take a different look at it though.

Our dogs live in a world of constant noise. We humans wake up and for the most part immediately start talking. Or we turn on the tv first thing to hear the news. Then before we leave for the day, we either leave the tv or radio on for them because we think they will like it. When we come home, we start talking to them again. Their world is constant noise.

However as soon as our dog makes the slightest big of noise we jump up and start yelling at them to be quiet. Our dogs aren’t supposed to make noise but they are supposed to listen to our noise without compliant. Dogs can hear things that we can’t. The LED light bulbs in our house give off a constant buzzing that only dogs can hear. The fridge is always making noise for them as well. That fan you left on can actually get quite annoying after a while. You like peace and quiet every one and a while so why not give that to your dog whenever possible.

Allow your dog the ability to be a dog in all aspects. Now that doesn’t mean allow them to bark all day everyday but by allowing them to make some noise you are going to help them to be a better part of your world. I know there are tons of time that my dog would love to tell me to shut up but can’t so I try to remember that he listens to my barking all the time I can handle a couple of his barks here and there.

Just take some time to look at your relationship between you and your dog. Are you always yelling at them to be quiet? Are they still barking anyways? I bet if you were to stop constantly telling them to shut it you would find they bark less often. I am not saying that will cure your dog who barks none stop all day (we would want to set up a private consultation to work on that) but you will have a better relationship with your dog when you allow them to talk back to you from time to time.

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  1. Des Browne
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    What about those of us who don’t have a dog.? Are we supposed to put up with your dogs barking…?! As well as the owners noise? shouting at dog, leaving radio on etc etc. Typical. People only think of themselves. Particularly dog owners as you’ve just pointed out.

    • Karen
      | Reply

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. As stated in the blog post I do state NOT to let your dog bark all day. The post is just to open a conversation about not getting so mad at some barking from your dog. There are certainly ways to help dogs who love to bark all day learn better habits. We don’t want anyone to have to listen to a dog barking all the time.

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