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  1. Let’s talk muzzles. I am one of those people that thinks all dogs should be muzzled trained at some point in their life. That is not a popular opinion mostly because people look at a muzzle on a dog and automatically think “that’s a bad dog”. I like most people used to share this same thought. However, I am now hoping to help change this perception.

The most important thing that people need to learn is that there are many many many reasons why a dog may be muzzled. Of course, the first reason can absolutely be the dog wearing a muzzle is prone to biting. Outside of a dog that bites there are dogs who like to eat anything and everything on the ground when out for a walk or even inside their home and a muzzle can help prevent those dogs from eating things that can be dangerous to them. A muzzle can also help a dog who is constantly chewing at themselves because they suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder which newsflash animals can also suffer from not just humans. Muzzles can also help previously under socialized dogs learn to play together in an appropriate way. It can also help keep your dog safe while at the vet getting treatment.

The point I’m trying to make here is that a muzzle does not equal a bad dog. So before you go and judge someone who is walking a dog with a muzzle on think about the other reasons that dog may be wearing one. I know for me, CJ wearing a muzzle helps me to feel safe when he is at the vet and when he is playing with a new dog because CJ was under socialized as a pup and can be a little fearful of other animals and new situations. But what is even more important is that CJ’s muzzle helps HIM to feel safe when at the vet or in the new strange location or when a new dog is around.
A muzzle trained dog does not live 24 hours 7 days a week in a muzzle. It is a tool just like a leash. It is used when needed. A dog who is trained to wear a muzzle will not panic when a vet tech needs to muzzle them because they are injured and scared which causes them to snap. If you train your dog to love a muzzle than it can be as exciting to them as when you pull the leash out for a walk.

Muzzles are a great thing. There is nothing bad about them. Except for maybe trying to clean all the easy cheese out of them.

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