Another Post About Treats

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Treats! Treats treats treats! Believe it or not the size of the treat matters. The treats in my hand are the same exact treats. I just took the time to cut one up into smaller pieces. Here’s why: The treat … Read More

Displacement Behaviors

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Let’s talk about displacement behaviors in dogs. A lot of displacement behaviors can fall into more than one category of dog behavior so it is important to remember to look at the whole picture. A displacement behavior is any behavior … Read More


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Let’s talk treats. There is a value system to treats. Think of our money as the same. We find a penny and are happy but if we find a dollar, five dollar, or even twenty dollar bill we are thrilled! … Read More


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Barking It’s what dogs do. But for some reason we as humans really hate it. I want to take a different look at it though. Our dogs live in a world of constant noise. We humans wake up and for … Read More


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Let’s talk muzzles. I am one of those people that thinks all dogs should be muzzled trained at some point in their life. That is not a popular opinion mostly because people look at a muzzle on a dog and … Read More

Reactive VS. Aggressive

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Recently on The Timeless Dog Facebook page I opened it you the followers to tell us what you wanted to talk about or know more about in the dog world. The one big question or concern that was posted over … Read More


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It’s been a minute since I was last able to sit down and write a blog post. Okay its been a few months. However, I was reading an article the other day and the author wrote something that just happen … Read More

New Year – New Website – New Classes

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     The new year is bringing many great additions and changes for The Timeless Dog LLC. We have just put the finishing touches on our new indoor training facility Starting the end of January we are starting out 1st  training … Read More

Moving, changing, and paperwork

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     The process of moving is never truly easy. Sure our time in the military made it seem easy, men show up and pack your stuff, they drive it across the country, then they will even unpack it for you. … Read More


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     I’ve been working as a professional dog walker for just about 5 years now. I started my business in Virginia but it really grew to be successful in Southern California. I recently moved back to New Hampshire where I … Read More

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