Moving, changing, and paperwork

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     The process of moving is never truly easy. Sure our time in the military made it seem easy, men show up and pack your stuff, they drive it across the country, then they will even unpack it for you. Flashforward to real life. No one is finding the next house for you, no one will pack and move your stuff without asking for crazy amounts of money, and then there is all the paperwork!
     Moving with a dog, or any pet for that matter, makes it even more difficult. Not every insurance provider will work with people that have certain dogs. Not every seller wants to sell their house to someone with a dog in fear their beloved home will just get ruined. Then there is more paperwork.
     Moving is incredibly stressful on our pets. Animals benefit from routine and stability. CJ is better at moving then most considering he has lived in four different houses in the five years he has been alive. However, its important that you take your pets into consideration when you are packing, shifting things around, and even when you are stressed out at the kitchen table trying to fill out that paperwork.
     We were very lucky that when we moved this last time we were able to leave CJ with his grandparents for a few nights while we cleaned the house and got it ready. When CJ did finally get to come to his new home his bed was set up and there were some of his toy and bones already there. It made all that change in his life not seem so big and overwhelming.
     Do you remember what it was like the first time you moved? You were stressed and a little nervous. Remember that is what your dog goes through too, except they don’t fully understand what is happening. Be a parent to them and help them through this somewhat scary time. The paperwork will still be there in the morning.

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