Karen is like a familiar friend with great pet advice!

After reaching out to Karen via an email and speaking with her soon after she promptly responded to my email, I felt completely at ease with her. When we met her for our 1:1 introductory session here at home, our new puppy seemed to take to her at once — perhaps a testament to Karen’s gentle demeanor and calm voice, and she is just kind hearted that she seemed like a familiar friend. And certainly, with an extremely thorough written follow-up summary after the visit, her advice made total sense to us and we feel so much better about what is expected of our puppy at home. It is great that she offers additional services, and we would definitely call should we need any of those — from puppy classes to basic training to dog walking. Karen’s experience and passion in sharing her knowledge on how to be great and responsible pet parents is what impressed us about her — and lucky for us that she is so close by!