Puppy class (puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old)

Classes will focus on the socialization aspect of dog training, but you will still learn how to teach your puppy sit, down, and loose leash walking. Lots of play time in this class.

Class schedule:

Next Class – January 10th at 6pm

Fee for the 4-week course is $145-


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 Reactive Recovery

This is a four week course for dogs who struggle with reactive tendencies.

There is a prerequisite for this course of AT LEAST one private session before being able to attend. This is to help make sure that the classroom is the right place for

your dog to start working on their reactivity.

This class is to be held outside, so it is dependent on the weather.

The first class is for humans only.

Class schedule:

**FULL** Next Class – **FULL**

Fee for this four-week course is $155-

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Family Dog class 

Classes will focus on obedience and manners. Loose leash walking, sit, down, stay. This class is five weeks long.

Class schedule:

Next Class – January 11th at 6pm

Fee for the 5-week course is $155-


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Family Dog 2 class 

Family Dog 2 will focus on strengthening behaviors taught in Family Dog. That means there is a prerequisite of having completed Family Dog before you can start this class.  Your dog will be learning more advanced stays, loose leash walking, as well as working on skills like leave it.

Class schedule:

Next Class – September 29th at 6pm

Fee for this 4-week class is $145

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Private Consultations

Private consultations will be $85 per hour. Half hour option available for $65. These are one on one appointments.
You can sign up for a private session through our services page and we will be in contact to set up a time to meet.


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You can also email to discuss your needs and we can schedule your appointment.


Please note that by signing up for a class or private session you are agreeing to and accepting the terms of our release of liability. You may view our release of liability by clicking this link : Updated Waiver of Liability- Training Classes