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 Training is something you have to do with your dog, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. The Timeless Dog, LLC can show you how to make it fun for both you and your dog. We want your dog to experience life in a way that is rewarding.
My training sessions are either a one-on-one private consultation or a group course working with 3-4 people and their dog(s) over a 4-5 week period.
Four Week Puppy Class April 16th at 6pm
Four Week Puppy Class April 16th at 6pm

Puppy class – 4 week course (puppies 8 weeks to 6 months old):

Classes will focus on the socialization aspect of dog training but you will still learn how to teach your puppy sit, down, and loose leash walking with lots of other fun and important skills for puppies to learn.

The active training part of the class runs for 30 minutes but you do receive the full hour for any questions you may have about skills worked on in class or questions about things going on at home.

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